My Online Lobotomy

Most folks close to me know I have a terrible memory. It was a source of constant frustration for my now ex-boyfriend. It always bothers me that my Mom can remember the most random and detailed of events that I can barely visualize.

Enter the diary. I’ve kept one since I could hold a pencil in my hand and started writing in a blog online somewhere around 2002 (and yes, I can’t exactly remember the date 🙂 ). The web log was just getting off the ground and sites like Livejournal and Blogspot weren’t the blogging behemoths that they are now. The creator of the site was a guy in my age bracket out of Austin, Texas who wanted to leave his online footprint.

Well, now that man has moved on to bigger and better things. I’m LinkedIn with him, but he recently told me that he no longer knows the status of the site. He assured me that the site “always” comes back up, but how does he know? He couldn’t even tell me who manages it now. Unfortunately, this means that when something wonky happens, the everyday user has no one to go to.

So for the past three days I’ve been unable to access the past eight years of my life. In that eight years I’ve gained and lost three boyfriends, did more than 1,000 hours of community service with AmeriCorps and had several jobs.

That’s a lot of life lost.

And most of it is just in snapshots…little snippets that have faded with the passing of time and my super-crappy memory. So what do I do? I nearly cried when I thought of the data loss. Many years from now, I won’t be able to share with future generations the stories of my youth…my twenties primarily. I may attempt to write down everything I remember now and keep it in several places. But it certainly won’t replace the random blog entries. The stupid, pointless crushes…the random job/family/friend gripes.

What would you do?


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