Why So Serious?

So it appears that all of the blogs I follow on Blogspot are all about husbands, homes and babies. I have none of these things, and I wonder if that makes me an anomaly in this segment of the blogosphere. I promise, if you follow me, I won’t post about any random debauchery I encounter as a single lady. Besides, those are best saved for in-person stories with lots of loud details and hand-flailing.

I have my good days and bad days when it comes to relationships. Lately, because of a recent break-up, I’ve had a lot of bad days. And I realized it’s because I end up taking dating way too seriously. There’s lots of reasons for that. I spent a great deal of my twenties just going out on lots of random dates with random guys with no strings attached. There comes a time when that sort of thing just gets really old, and you start to seek out something more substantial and long-lasting. After all, I’m 31 years old and for my generation, finding The One is long overdue, right?

My biggest source of inspiration in this area is my godmother Betty. She met The One very late in the game (I believe mid to late 30s) and later adopted a beautiful boy. She is exceedingly happy and whenever I talk to her, I can tell she is so glad she waited. She gives me a great deal of hope that my special someone exists. He really isn’t a figment of my imagination. He’s actually out there, waiting for the right opportunity to appear into my life.

So, at least in the short term, I’ve decided to go back to my ways of dating not-for-serious as the young’uns like to put it. If I like a guy, and that guy is interested in me, I go for it. It may not last forever for whatever reason, and that’s okay. It’s okay to just have a really great time.

Besides, crushes are so underrated and so much fun to talk about. I’ve always had a long list of them – some are secret, some not-so-secret. They seem to always work best when they are unreciprocated but appreciated and when you have at least one girlfriend/mutual friend to dish to about said crush. It’s also a great stress reliever to not be so obsessive about at least one area of my life. I think it will be interesting to see what comes of it.


2 thoughts on “Why So Serious?

  1. Hey…finding the ONE is very long overdue at 48.I know how you feel, random dating or as they call it Casual Dating, gets old and you start looking for something more substantial and long lasting. I myself have fallen into the trap of thinking and hoping the next first date will be the last first date. It does bring some let down but I still hope for it.

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