Dragon*Con 2010 – 73 Days Until I Can Blerd-Out!

So given that I am a black nerd (AKA a “blerd”) and I’m trying to work on costumes for Dragon*Con 2010, I figured I would blog about why it’s such a special time for me. Here are the main reasons why I love Dragon*Con:

1. It’s an uber-geek fest, but has something for everyone. Of course, if you are into gaming, science fiction/fantasy TV or movies, comics, costumes and the like, you should be there. There’s a great free parade, a celebrity Walk of Fame (So meeting Stan Lee, Elizabeth RohmSean Astin and Adrian Pasdar this year *squee*), lots of cool vendors, an art show and so much more. Or, if you are really into just partying and people-watching you can come for that too. I go mainly to people-watch, meet celebs, wear a costume on occasion and do some board gaming.

Other notable guests: Kevin Sorbo, Luke Perry, authors Sherrilyn Kenyon and Laurell K. Hamilton, James Marsters (from “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”), Barbara Eden (from “I Dream of Jeanie”) and Michelle Forbes (Maryann from “True Blood”).

2. New and fun way to see Atlanta. Usually when I head down to the ATL it’s to go to a concert or visit my godmother. This is four days of geekdom and little sleep. (Apparently six hours of sleep a day is an unheard of high, but I manage to get that most days.)

3. Try out costumes. Of course, the first year, I was Storm. It was basically a perfected version of the Halloween costume from a few years back. This year I’m going to try and do “Gamer Girl”. It will include a Nintendo Power Pad cape (hopefully), a Nintendo gun, plus a utility belt with controllers from an NES, PS, Wii, XBox and a DS attached. I will update my progress on here.

Me and Gambit – Dragon*Con 2008

4. My one vacation of the year! I have to pretty much save up all of my paid time off between now and August to get enough days to go. That way I can spend as much time geeking out as possible. It’s a great time to forget about the “real world” and just have a blast! I see a lot of friends there that I wouldn’t ordinarily get to hang out with from different parts of the Southeast. We always have a great time! 🙂

I can’t wait!


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