"The Amazing Spider-Man"

Back in my MySpace days, I spent a lot of time talking and thinking about Spider-Man 3…of course, now that we know that in the whole of Marvel films, Spidey 3 was a bit of a failure, I do want to point out one thing. Way back when, it was my prediction that the fourth movie would have the Lizard as the villain…for totally different reasons (my guess) I am glad to say this is indeed the case for the reboot.  I could not be happier.


This trailer was released at midnight. If you have not already seen the teaser released last year, it is here:

A few opening thoughts:

If you are totally unfamiliar with Andrew Garfield, and have not already seen “The Social Network,” I highly recommend viewing it. The movie as a whole is only mildly entertaining, but Garfield’s performance in it is indeed very well done. If you have any reservations about Garfield’s acting ability, that movie should quell those somewhat. I am already impressed with Garfield’s NY accent, which Maguire did not really emphasize, and the general attitude of the character, which seems much snarkier. I’m also hoping some of the fight scenes and the scenes where Garfield is in costume are indications that he is slightly darker, perhaps a little more mentally conflicted.

If you aren’t familiar with Emma Stone, please watch “Easy A”. She was rightfully nominated for a Golden Globe for that performance. You may also want to see her in “Zombieland.” Though I am only vaguely familiar with the Gwen Stacy character, I am quite certain she will do well in it.

Also worth noting is that Denis Leary is in it, which  I also find very refreshing.

A few people have commented that the CGI for the Lizard does not really look very authentic, but I’m hoping that is just the case for the trailer and not for the movie itself. Regardless, Dr. Connors’/Lizard inclusion in the movie is a big win for fans of this series, as it is something all of us have been waiting to see happen for several years.

Like most people, rebooting a series when the original is so entrenched in our collective pop culture memory is already a bit of a downer. There were those who hated Maguire’s version of Parker. However, I was a fan of it, and I grew to love the actors who played the series characters. So to see that end, despite the disappointment of Spider-Man 3 was a huge letdown for me as a fan.

With that said, the anticipation of the movie from watching the teaser and now the full trailer has increased tenfold. I still have my doubts, but this is shaping up to be an extraordinary summer movie season for comic flick geeks like myself, considering the recent trailer releases of The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises. (Click links for trailers!)

Please keep in mind, however, that I am more familiar with the 90s cartoon version of the series and not the comic, which this reboot is more closely following. Despite that, the original first episodes of the cartoon series featured Lizard, and I think the connection and friendship Parker has with Dr. Connors makes him one of my more favorite villains. I am really looking forward to seeing how they will entwine the mystery of Parker’s parents into this one. This is an area that as a non-reader of the comics, I am completely unfamiliar with.

I am also unfamiliar with the Gwen Stacy story arc. I’m hoping that this blog will encourage readers who are fans of the comic, to enlighten me and other readers about why she was chosen instead of Mary Jane Watson. I will take the opportunity to further blog about this movie as the release date approaches and upon doing further research of the comics.


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