A New Grown-Up Adventure Awaits

It still seems a bit unreal. Perhaps when I start working again, it will finally hit me. I’m finally “on my own” again. It took 11 years to get back to this place. Of course, I have a lot of help from my amazing boyfriend. Without him, I don’t think I would be able to get started so quickly.

I cannot believe it only took 8 months for my life to change forever. I did not realize blatant, harmless flirting would lead me to this point, but here I am. I am ready, but I am scared to death. It wasn’t too long ago, I posted about the woes of long-distance dating, and how he and I were able to cope. I didn’t realize until one week ago that we would be saying goodbye for the last time so soon.
Me and my guy at my birthday party in Feb. 2012. My last big gathering in my hometown. 🙂
So I left all of the familiarity and comfort of home and ventured into a new city. I have to start all over and really put into action all of the “adult” things I’ve been putting off for years – like planning a wedding, buying a home, saving money in general. I have to go from eating food out almost every day to planning trips to the gym and planning meals at home. 

It’s daunting, because it’s all happening at once. I think people expect me to be flipping cartwheels in excitement. Instead, I’ve been doing nothing but thinking, planning, jotting notes. There’s no time for cartwheels. If it wasn’t for my boyfriend, who manages to find many moments to pause and just look at me just for pure enjoyment, I’d probably be pulling my hair out. Ah, and Pinterest helps, too. 🙂

(In fact, my attention was diverted for a good 20 minutes just then looking at budget blogs, HA!)

What makes my guy also great is that he appreciates the little things. I folded a little bit of his laundry yesterday, and he told me this morning how much it meant to him. Who knows how long this beautiful attitude will last, so I have to soak it up as much as possible!

There are so many things I’d like to do, so I figured I would jot a few of them down now, and see how I progress in a year.

  1. I am so tired of bland employment reviews. I want to come up with something to revolutionize my new job and get an outstanding review!
  2. I want to get married, and do it in a way that saves money, but still honors my family and friends. It will be tough, but I have to do it for under $3,000 in order to be content. I just don’t want to spend a lot when that money could be used elsewhere.
  3. I want to get a house with my man. Number 2 may need to be reduced in order for that to happen, but that’s okay. Whatever sacrifices I have to make to have the home of my dreams with the man of my dreams, I will do.
  4. I’d like to make at least one good girlfriend here. One that I can depend on for a spontaneous evening out. I will still have my besties at home, but having one to spend time with here would be fantastic.

I’m really overwhelmed with the “newness” of everything, that I’m even finding it difficult to blog everything that’s rolling around in my brain. For now, I have to again thank God for allowing me to catch up so quickly. I have a lot of growing up to do!


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