Social Media Boost

This week, I was really encouraged to start focusing more on my virtual assistant business, and I knew the best way to do that would be to expand my online presence. I have hated Twitter, and its 140-character limit as a writer since its inception, but I know it’s time to expand my social media horizons. I even joined Klout, which I’m still not sure of its purpose other than aggregating all of your social media sites into one for some hacker to access.

I’m going to try and keep most of my personal posts on here and my business-y type posts on my new WordPress blog. However, since I have trusty followers on here who support me, I wanted to share all of my new social goodies with you. Twitter will be a combo of useful posts for potential clients and personal posts.

Twitter – @WillieshaLakin (This will change when my last name changes.)

WordPress –

My why? Since my fiancé and I have drastically different work schedules, I really want to spend more time at home to be with him when I can. It’s been tough not spending as much time together. But I know with a little determination I can make this happen.

So spread the word. Willi needs to go viral!  What should I blog about on WordPress?


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