Being SuperBetter

Here is my first journal about being SuperBetter.

I discovered the SuperBetter app watching an excellent TED video by the developer, who was a game developer by trade and created the app after a traumatic head injury kept her bedridden and nearly suicidal. It’s a cute way to gain resilience in many different aspects of life to help you become a better person or overcome an obstacle.

Today is my first day trying the app, and it required a journal entry, What better way to keep track of my progress than publicly? I’m almost at level 4, and here’s the question for today:

YOUR QUEST: Imagine that any aspect of your habits or thinking could be rewired with enough practice. What would you change or rewire? Why?

I think I would require my tendency to be a perfectionist which leads to insane amounts of procrastination. The why is pretty evident….I’m staring at a giant pile of dirty laundry that nearly takes up an entire wall.

Im always waiting until I feel better to tackle it, but lately I’ve been down and out and not feeling well. It will never get done and I’m always going to be sad looking at it, I’ve got to get out of the habit of procrastinating.

Also part of another quest I’m doing to boost my brain, I’m having to develop a personal motto. I’m taking part of it from the Bible and making it one that I can also use in my professional life:

My motto: “Always be thankful. Always give back. Always do better. This is the key to a fulfilled life.”

What’s one habit you want to rewire? What is your personal motto?


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