Being SuperBetter: My Comfort Zone

Today’s SuperBetter quest involved being in your comfort zone and how exactly it’s benefitting you. Essentially, it doesn’t.

The great part about today’s quest is that I’m so far out of my comfort zone, I’m kinda off the page. I’m in a new city, living with people other than my family, have a new husband (all of the rewards and responsibility involved with it) and trying to basically start over again.

The Pros: I’m actually doing surprisingly well. Mostly because I have a really incredible husband that always tries his hardest to make me happy. He considers it a great challenge and his goal in our marriage.

Plus, I love adventures, I love new places and I love venturing out on my own. It was past time I broke the apron strings of home and start over again.

The Cons: I miss home. A lot. I miss everything about it. Though it’s great, because I’ve learned to take advantage of appreciating what I’ve missed, it has been at times overwhelmingly depressing.

Although I’m an introvert by nature, it’s indeed true that no person is an island. I am still trying to nurture my new marital relationship and find new girlfriends. Though I can never replace my lifelong friendships, it has been tough cultivating new ones when getting to know a brand new city.

My current SuperBetter “epic win” is to reduce my dependency on antidepressants and anti-anxiety medications. Nothing tests that more than change. But this amount of change is so significant it has been an immense struggle. But apparently that’s where the magic happens.

What about your comfort zone? From SuperBetter:

Fortressed within it? Always busting through it?

YOUR QUEST: Write in your journal or send an email to a friend about your comfort zone.

What it is, for you? How often are you in it? How does it feel to leave it?

(Image was used in the quest app by Jessica Hagy of


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