Dear Mane of Mine


Earlier this week, I thought it was requested of me by SuperBetter that I write my least favorite body part, and I couldn’t help but think of you. *sigh* Sadly, it actually wanted me to write on my favorite body part! Ha! But since I’ve brought you here, I might as well talk to you.

You really aren’t even a body part per se, but my hair, so you and I have not been on good speaking terms lately. The ladies in my life always has great hair. Some of them have gone natural and done a great job.

You and I have been through a lot together. So many hours of pain and tears. Even though right now, you and I are at odds with each other, it is also true that you have been there for me. Sure, some of you abandoned me, but only because I didn’t take care of all of you like I should. I thank you for sticking around, (Wow, that was tough to say.)

These photos are a reminder of the last time my hair looked fabulous: my wedding day. Yep, it’s been that long ago, and it’s completely my fault.

Much like the rest of me, you are quirky, complicated and flawed. You bring me endless frustration for the most part, but only because you have so many unique traits about you. You are filled with kinks, flakes and thickness the likes of which no stylist has ever seen before or since.

Since one of my future boosts is to see you beautiful and flake-free, I promise to get you back on track. We have to work together in order to be a beautiful creation.

My Difficult Goals Include:

1) Washing and conditioning with Aveda and Nizoral shampoos once or twice a week
2) Getting a hair dryer hood to use to minimize damage
3) Get a relaxer touchup every 3-4 weeks
4) Reduce dependence on chemicals or the creamy crack by using alternate straightening methods

Hopefully SuperBetter will get me there.



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