3 Tips For Pinterest Recipe/Cooking Newbies

pinterest recipe cooking newbies starters

I have to admit, I was pretty petrified at first. If you asked me what it means to tank a mob, then I could clearly give you some basic instructions on what that means in gaming. But cooking? Not so much.

But even if your idea of “cooking” involves tossing something from the freezer to the oven and crossing your fingers, these three tips will help you too when using Pinterest.

You can obviously tell from the photo the one on the left is mine haha. I ended up making some adjustments from the original pin. We’ll talk about those in a bit.

If you’ve never used a recipe from Pinterest before, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

1) Carefully select a side item as your first dish. I did end up using a Stouffer’s lasagna as the main course. You know…the “freezer to oven” type of meal. However, I’ve actually been moderately successful with baking, so I had a good shot with this.

If you’re a newbie cook like me, you do not want your first recipe to be the main course. If it ends up flopping, at least it will just be a side item that can be ignored/replaced. Also, these ingredients didn’t cost very much, either. Please, please, do not use up a lot of cash for your first dish.

2) Make a few (and only a few) adjustments to the recipe. Don’t do what I did. There were a *lot* of changes made that should not have been adjusted from the original recipe. These were called “Parmesan pull-aparts,” but my husband isn’t a huge fan of Parmesan. So we ended up just using mozzarella cheese. That was an okay change. However, the size biscuits called for in the recipe we could not find either. We ended up using much larger biscuits, which altered the way they came out entirely.

We also could not find a glass pie pan at the grocery store, so we ended up using a non-stick one. I’ve also learned our old oven cooks quite unevenly at normal temperatures, so I usually set my oven about 25 degrees cooler than what the recipe states. This is an important tip if you have an older oven. Just imagine how darker it would have gotten had I kept it at the normal temperature.

I think next time, I’m going to add some more cheese and lower the temperature possibly even more or pull them out sooner. I’m not sure how to avoid the caramelization effect on the biscuits, but that may have been because we used the non-stick pan.

3) Enjoy the results, no matter what. They were yummy. I was able to blog about it. It’s all good! Try not to get frustrated if it doesn’t turn out exactly like the pins….frankly, they probably don’t ever come out exactly right.

When was the first time you tried a recipe or crafting project from Pinterest? What was the result? Discuss in the comments and share your photos/links if you can!


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