The 6 Types of Dragon Con Goers (Read: This Means All Of You)

Hanging with friends the day before the crazy.
Hubby and I hanging with friends the day before the crazy.

Why would I make such a bold statement? Why would I forgo any convention of any kind ever for the wonderment that is Dragon Con?

Because it really is for everyone. See if you can identify yourself as one of these kinds of folks and see how Dragon Con can be a blast for you.

The Voyeur

Do you enjoy staring at people confused as to which escalator to use? Does figuring out what costume someone is wearing intrigue you?

Dragon Con is absolutely perfect for people watching. Sure, you may have a bit of sensory overload, but it’s worth it. You experience things you’d never even begin to imagine.

Like scarily inappropriate puppets. Or dozens of people gathering for a photo with Chewbacca. Both of those happened this past Con.

Fabulous Aquaman crossplay
Fabulous Aquaman crossplay

The Artist

We are not talking about walking into a quiet, sanitized room where you’re afraid to even breathe on something.

Nope. Instead you can get a handmade necklace created with chainmail, or a signed copy of your favorite graphic novel.  There are photographs, drawings and more of fantastical characters and creatures.

Do you want to become a better writer? Or learn how to join the legions of incredible costumers? There’s a writing track, a costuming track and even writing workshops featuring best-selling authors.

There are amazing opportunities for inspiration for writers, photographers, artists, simply because there’s so much creativity and camaraderie to take in.

Or you can learn the ins and outs of how to create a great podcast by being in one. Yep, that happened too. (Hint: I’m at 2242 in the audio)

The Star Struck

Trust me, I’ve been there. I sat down quietly outside of the Walk of Fame, Lou Ferrigno in my line of sight. Should I go up to shake his hand? What should I say? Have I watched enough episodes of Incredible Hulk to warrant even gazing at him?

It’s okay. From the stars of Star Trek, Star Wars to WKRP, there are plenty of celebs to gawk at, meet and grab autographs or photos (for a price, of course.)

You know the value of standing in line for 2.5 hours just to hear Edward James Olmos shout, “So say we all!”

The Night Owl

Whether it’s karaoke, a nightcap (then another…and another) or just some late night photography, there’s always something going on until the wee hours of the morning.

Epic cosplay to enjoy.

Unending rounds of “Are You a Werewolf”.

Masquerade ball drinking games.

Really, I could go on, but then you’d think I’m starting to make things up.

The Child At Heart

While I still think certain areas (and times of night) are inappropriate for young children, Dragon Con even has that covered.

The Saturday morning parade is the largest in Atlanta. (Yes!) Whether you have a child of your own or not, you have the opportunity to watch the kids’ expressions seeing their favorite superheroes and cartoon characters come to life. It’s simply magical.

dragon con parade
Little tike meets Batman

The People Person

This is probably the best category for me – it’s essentially the main reason why this was my 5th year in a row attending Dragon Con. Despite the waves of people, the endless lines and the unbearable heat, I get to see friends from all over the country in one place at their most content.
Now, it’s also a time I can enjoy as a family with my husband and in-laws.
love at dragoncon
2013 was our first Dragon Con as a married couple. And he’s apparently showing off a tiny cut.
Indeed, this is where he and I met.  Yes, if you’re looking for  love, perhaps you can find it like we did at Con.

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