Who is Protecting Us While My Husband Protects Others?

how the government shutdown is affecting me
Hubby dearest.

When I returned home after dropping my husband off at work, I found out he is not getting paid for his time there. I intended to get a nap but before I could close my eyes, I had to write as many congressmen as possible. Here’s what I wrote. Feel free to share. 

Update: This post was so popular today! Feel free to share. Find your local representative on Congress‘ web site.

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At 3 a.m. my husband drove into work today. He’s been sick for several days, and his commute is 40 minutes long.

He works with the Department of Homeland Security and is one of their best and most respected employees. Today he will work a 10-hour shift and then drive back home.

And he will do all of this today with no guarantee of pay. Even though he’s sick, he can’t stay home, because his sick leave is frozen.

Our one-year wedding anniversary is Oct. 21st. But since his annual leave is also frozen and our finances are tight, we may not be able to celebrate this year.
I’ve already had a difficult time for the past year finding a full-time job, but I’ve managed to start my own administrative consulting  business. However, it’s only part time, and it will not keep us clothed and fed.

Whatever needs to happen to come to a compromise to end this shutdown has to happen.



Without his family’s help, we would be homeless right now. Please do not let our first wedding anniversary come and go with no resolution.

My husband will continue to do his best to make sure Americans are safe. Who is looking out for us?


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