35 Answers to Unspoken Prayers (Part 1)

answers to prayer

I hit the big 3-5 last month, and I decided not to whine about it (much).

Even though it’s typically the beginning of the “end of youth,” and you have to start making a lot of health considerations, I’ve decided to take it in stride.

I’m a late bloomer in most ways, so I’m embracing it and taking the next few months writing gratitude journal entries of the things I’ve come to appreciate about my life.

So here’s the first installment of some unexpected answers to prayer. Enjoy! I hope you find these relatable and just as humorous as I did when I was brainstorming them!

1) Wearing something form-fitting and feeling sexy in it before my hubby telling me so first.

2) Having smelly, kinky hair for months on end and still getting compliments from hubby.

3) Not having kids by age 35 doesn’t make me feel like less of a woman.

4) For once, I’m feeling overwhelmed in my life because of positive stress.

5) When I’m away from my in-laws, I actually miss them, even though I live with them.

6) Realizing more than 24 hours have passed without a tear-filled, earth-shattering emergency call from a family member.

7) Getting into an argument with my husband about PayDay 2 because I enjoy the game THAT much.

8) Looking forward to mindless errands in the car, because holy crap, I’m outside of the house alone.

9) The joy of petting a terribly stinky, slobbering and God-awful annoying dog.

10) My niece is growing up, and I’m actually okay with not interfering with her life. I’m just glad she’s here, she loves me and she trusts my opinion.

Part two is here!


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