NTS’ First (Free!) Printable: The ‘Do List

Cute right, hopefully the stylist will dig it.
Cute, right? Hope the stylist digs it.

So way back in the day, I did a post called “Pain Before Beauty” about what it takes to do my own hair. It’s a nightmare. By the time I’m done, several hours have passed, I’m covered in sweat and I usually don’t get the results I want.

I have a host of hair issues which require me to get it done regularly. Since I moved to Alabama, I’ve been on a desperate search to find a stylist. So desperate, I even wrote a letter to my hair.

Usually something happens (I move, they disappear…no seriously, one did) and I have to find another one and explain my insane hair situation.

At beauty schools, I call my head the “Final Exam”.

You’ve been there, right? One of these situations almost always pops up:

A) You move away

B) Your stylist moves away

C) Your needs are fickle and change on a minutely basis. (Only kidding. Sorta.)

So, a solution: The ‘Do List!

Present this with any requests, your hair issues, and even add photos of styles and colors you like. (I like that section, because it reminds me of when I used to cut up magazines and paste them on to colored paper for school projects.)

I’m giving this to a new stylist tomorrow. I’m sure it’s going to work awesomely.

Not really a “graphic” person and never thought I’d EVER do a printable, but hey, I did it!

If you use it and love it, share it and let me know in the comments below.

Update: I used it, and it almost worked too well! My hair was in such awful shape, I was almost denied service. But, miraculously, they made it work. And I’m the proud wearer of a super-nice do that’s chemical free. 

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