Aunt Willi’s 3 Pearls of Parenting Wisdom


Fruit and veggie juice packs are what’s up.

That’s one of the surprising takeaways from a recent trip home where I spent time with friends with children. I hung out with several different families, and there was always a pack or two being devoured.

Many of these friends I hadn’t seen in several years. A few other nuggets of wisdom from my unfortunately limited time with them.

1) Jason and I are not ready for children. So…quit asking. LOL Sure, we have a limited income and are not in the right living situation. But it’s more than that.

We haven’t achieved enough selfish time.

Our anniversary marks just 3 years of being in a relationship, some of which we spent in different states.

We need time. Much, much more time.

Being a parent requires selflessness and 100% devotion of your time and attention on your young’in.

One kid desired to pull every book off the shelf in the children’s library.

Another lacked sleep and needed a couple of trips outside to calm her tears.

Still another alternated between being in love with her face paint and being mortified when the green stuff got in her hair.

You muster bouts of energy for playing, running, feeding and discipline.

2) Patience and persistence is the key to….well, everything. (As if you didn’t know already.)

I helped raise my niece, so nothing surprises or annoys me.

Constantly screaming the same word over and over for several minutes? I don’t even flinch.

Responding to every question with a crying whine? I’m ready to take on the challenge with calmness and a laugh.

Whenever a child exasperated one of my friends they regained their composure instantly. Then a cute moment would happen, everyone giggled and all is forgotten.

3) Most of my visits were around meal time, and children require constant motivation even while they are (sorta) eating.

Many parents encouraged us to wait to have children. It was such a relief!

Sometimes it was awkward describing how dependent we are on his family, while hearing they are juggling jobs, homes and babies.

Many conversations revolved around the little ones’ latest adorable phrase or activity, (every child has at least one per day) but we got some grown-up chat in too.

Friendships really don’t change with time or new additions. Just perspectives. These visits prepped me for moments of cuteness and calamity in the future.


2 thoughts on “Aunt Willi’s 3 Pearls of Parenting Wisdom

  1. I’m so not ready to have kids.
    My husband and i want them, but, the Cult of Kids that two of his sister’s are “in’ (see: they have kids, and have lost their sense of self in them) actually has postponed my desire.
    That, and, my job LOL!

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