35 Answers to Unspoken Prayers (Final Part)

answers to prayer

Here is part one and part two. I’m so bummed this series is coming to an end, but I’ve really enjoyed writing it. Even though it’s very personal, I hope you got some enjoyment out of it.

21) Daily cuddling I rarely have to initiate.

22) The ability to vent or be distracted with the click of a button or a tap on a keyboard.

23) All of the possibilities with my writing and VA business.

24) Realizing if I end up with a job outside the home, I’m able to still keep my clients, because of the way I’ve structured my business.

25) How Loving Day came together so well.

26) There are people here and in SC who love me just as I am.

27) Being in town to see my niece graduate from high school and hang out with good friends.

28) Having my niece randomly call to ask for advice! (I have mentioned her before, but still, YAY!)

29) Seeing my parents enjoy their retirement years.

30) Breaking out of my shell by doing more public speaking.

31) My husband’s dedication to his job, even when it gets tough.

32) Having a few hours of relaxing alone time each day.

33) That I’ve learned to be more mindful and appreciative of my environment and the people in it.

34) I’ve lost some weight just by eating less, but having the desire to do more for my health and fitness.

35) Being able to come up with 35 reasons to be grateful that I’ve never had to pray about!


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