1,000 Words Behind a Photo

honeymoon story hurricane sandy
Lovely, aren’t we?

“A picture’s worth a thousand words.”

Yes, I’m starting my blog with a cliche. Deal with it.

I decided to finally scan the photo my husband and I took on our honeymoon cruise since today’s our two-year anniversary.

I cannot stop laughing at it.

Not just because I hate these hokey photos, and the scan picks up every imperfection, and dear hubby has one of his hands in an awkwardly hilarious place.

It’s funny, because we look so happy. And we kinda weren’t.

For the formal night I donned makeup, tried to do something with my hair which was ultra curly for the wedding and took “getting ready” photos I proudly display on Facebook.

So if you’ve never heard us share anything about our honeymoon, and why our FB album is kinda small…well, it’s a doozy.

We had a third guest with us. Hurricane Sandy. Wow, I’m even shaking my head now as I think about it. When we left, she was a tropical storm, but upgraded on our way back.

So we spent a few minutes enjoying formal night, because I was starting to get seasick from the 50 mph sustained winds.

What started off as a beautiful day in Charleston turned bad quickly. It was clear when we set out, but the winds picked up, making mini golf on the top deck interesting.

We made it to our first destination, Nassau, but because of the weather our excursions were cancelled. If you haven’t been to Nassau before, outdoor activities are pretty much the best thing about the town.

It was overcast, so we just walked around. We couldn’t go through the Atlantis hotel completely without doing a tour, so we avoided that. I picked up a bathing suit since I forgot to bring one. There were workers putting tape around the street lights. But the swim shop owner seemed pretty calm. They’d seen many hurricanes and the U.S. media makes a big deal about them. (I wonder if she changed her tune after Sandy caused 2 deaths and $700 million in damage in the Bahamas a couple days later?)

Ironically, this was my husband’s first cruise, and he felt fine. It became something of a comedy seeing people stumbling around with the tossing and turning of the ship. Of course, these ships have stabilizers, so normally you feel absolutely nothing, but not this time.

And as this was my fourth cruise, of course I’d be the one who felt sea sick.

Strangely enough, they don’t carry seasickness medication on the ship. Yes, you can buy extraordinarily expensive duty-free watches but not Dramamine. The best they could offer was an acupressure bracelet. It only was useful when used as a hair tie. So we spent the cruise chugging baaack and forrrrrth…all day and all night.

Go ahead and make “motion in the ocean” jokes, because it was absolutely true.

We woke up the next morning, and we were still on the go. We should have docked in Freeport. When we called the staff downstairs they informed us we were going there. Not quite an hour later, the captain’s on the loudspeaker saying we wouldn’t be stopping after all. (This communication error was just one of the missteps on this cruise.)

So our second and last port was out. We’d end up watching everything (which is not much) on TV.  Most ships have the location and path of the trip using radar on one channel. Right behind our bitty boat icon on the screen, was the satellite image of a perfectly-formed hurricane.

Sandy never stopped pursuing. She’d tail us the entire way home.

So to compensate for missing the port they’d give us the next best thing – they’d slow down and give us an extra day at sea.

I’ll….let you think about that for a minute.

This was a small, older ship, and with the pools and upper decks closed, the one activity we did was hang out in the casino. We’re not really into gambling, but we gave it a go until we tired of the cigarette smoke. There’d be epicly boring trivia, indoor shuffleboard…and that’s about it.

The highlight of the cruise was hanging out in the bar for karaoke where I belted out a tune. It was awesome to have someone stop us the next day and say, “Hey, were you at karaoke? You were really great!”

I’m kind of a rock star.

And the crazy thing? I don’t remember hubby and I getting frustrated or angry with each other not even once that week. Of course, we were upset with what was happening, but we never took it out on each other. We made the most of eating cold fries and watching crew with plates trying to keep their balance.

We still managed to enjoy our honeymoon when everything around us was falling apart.

Eventually, the crew realized it was a bad decision to stay at a slow pace while Sandy ominously followed us, so they started booking it. We were going so fast, we sat at a restaurant watching dishes clattering and hearing this ominous and awful noise that sounded like a dying engine.

Surprise! Someone gets injured, so they announced we’d go back to port early. We sat at the Charleston port for an entire night to await customs the next morning. However, we were grateful for the stillness and the cell phone reception.

The downpour the next morning left us completely drenched, but we had a nice rest at a local hotel before heading home. Mom wasn’t so happy she couldn’t get in touch with me for a week, but we were safe.

Despite this, we’re not giving up on cruising. We need a honeymoon do-over. And, yes, we’re going on a different cruise line…and not during hurricane season.

You know how most bad situations seem funny afterwards? This was only kinda one of them. But, hey, now we have a great couple’s story when hanging out with new people!


4 thoughts on “1,000 Words Behind a Photo

  1. As crazy as it sounds, I absolutely loved your honeymoon story. My honeymoon was fun but wasn’t nearly as eventful as yours. I’ve learned that it’s those disastrous moments sometimes end up being the sweetest moments in a relationship. Happy 2 year anniversary! And yes, those cruise ship photos are always really awkward!

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