An Open Letter to Coach Muschamp: Please Prove Me Wrong

I know enough about football to love watching it for hours. Over the past 20 years, I still get confused about player roles and play differences.

But as a lifelong Gamecock, I do know one thing. Winning at football is more than just stats and win-loss columns. Like everything else in life, winning is about attitude.

I know you’ve always been a very fired up and passionate coach. Most of the good coaches are. They get angry at bad calls, reprimand their players for making a mistake and even throw their headsets on the ground. We expect that!

But remember: you are coaching young men. Some are in their late teens and still learning about themselves and developing their talent. They are impressionable and will look to you for guidance and wisdom.

The kind of behavior you showed at the Iron Bowl and at previous games is embarrassing and intolerable. Not only did you cause havoc on the playing field, you showed young men what it looks like to be completely out of control.

That’s just not okay.

We still feel a bit green here at SC. We are used to disappointment and are overjoyed at wins as part of the SEC.

While I will always support my Gamecocks, you haven’t proven to me that you have what it takes to get our team back on track.

You have the knowledge and talent to make positive changes in our team and university. We know you are really awesome at what you do.

But you haven’t shown you have the heart.

You don’t have enough love and patience to be a Gamecock. I hope and pray you will learn from these mistakes and become a head coach we can admire.

Please take these words to heart as you embark on a new journey here in SC.


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