No, Really. Being “A”-Political Wins.

drump trump drumpf

Donald Trump.

He is the reason why I’ve avoided every single Republican debate.

He is why I have all political words blocked on my Facebook.

Despite so many people like me asking  “why him?” he’s still headed to become the presidential nominee for the Republican party.

I’ve already imagined myself in tears on election night. I thought he wouldn’t even get this far, yet here we are.

Trump and most politicians are why I’ve been apolitical – “not interested in or involved in politics” is the definition. Why watch debates when I can get soundbites and images later? (Yes, I treat political debates like awards shows. That’s how “valuable”  they are to me.)

Hopelessness would be another good word to describe apolitical. Even if you’re apolitical, it doesn’t mean you don’t vote or don’t know anything about politics.

I know that the president is largely a figurehead and doesn’t have as much power as people presume. I know that real change occurs at the local level, so people should pay much more attention to those elections than the presidential one.

I know that if Donald Trump becomes president, our nation will be the laughing stock of the world and other countries would hesitate to work with us.

I’ve heard Trump voters say, “I don’t care what foreigners think.”


I’m still convinced that Hillary Clinton is actually an android from the future. Once she becomes president, the machines will rule the world. Finally.

And Bernie…well Bernie better pick one heckuva VP candidate, because I’m not sure if he’s going to make it four years.

*sigh* Yeah, that’s why I’m apolitical.

This year, I’m going to be a-political. And the “A” stands for action. And yes that “action” is primarily standing up against the “Drumpf.”

The internet makes everything easier, so here’s what happened when I Googled “how to get involved in the political process:”

With pictures? Golly, that’s awesome!

21 million results.That’s a good start, right?  And seriously, though, the WikiHow article is really useful.

So after reading a few of these, here’s what I’ve done: I already support U.S. congressional candidates in other states, like Rep. John Lewis in Georgia, so I’ve subscribed to his newsletter and may donate to his re-election campaign.


In the morning, I’m going to do deeper research into local candidates. I did some cursory research for the primary, but I actually voted undeclared to support two people that were running undeclared.


If there are voter registration drives happening in my area, I’m going to take part.


Will I ever become a politician? Nah. I don’t think I have the political know-how or oratory skills to make it very far. Oh, and I don’t have millions of dollars at my disposal. But I do support local organizations (watch for a new blog post on TEDx tomorrow or the next day) and am working to get to know Alabama politics, since I’m a newb at it.

So if you’re like me and disillusioned or even frightened about election season, then get “a-political.”

Take action. Now.

For an “Intentional Blogging” challenge, I’ve created a freebie for folks who subscribe to my blog. It breaks down the word ACTION into six steps to getting more involved…painlessly. Grab it here. 


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