Celebrating “Loving Day” in Alabama



Here’s partially what I’ll be sending to potential sponsors for Loving Day. Share – the official crowdfunding campaign starts April 27th, but it’s live now!

What: Loving Day Celebration to commemorate Loving v. Virginia anti-miscegenation case

Where: Rojo Birmingham

When: June 18th, from 2-5 p.m.

For the past few years, we’ve been celebrating a civil rights Supreme Court case that isn’t as famous as Brown v. Board of Education, but it’s just as important.

On June 12, 1967, the Supreme Court declared bans on interracial marriage unconstitutional in the Loving v. Virginia case. (Yup, they were literally a “Loving” couple. So a small group of friends in New York City has turned this day into a worldwide celebration.

But in Alabama, there wasn’t anything listed. So, I started one myself.

Why? Because my husband and I are an interracial couple, and this case literally changed our lives forever. We wouldn’t be together if this hadn’t happened.

Also, Alabama was the last state to officially remove the defunct laws from their constitution – in 2000. Yes, that’s the 21st century.

While we can’t change the minds of the 40% of the population polled who wanted the laws to stay, what we can do is let everyone else know the magnitude of such a day.

I’d like to make this year special. I’d like to contribute to the official Loving Day organization. While the founder, Ken Tanabe, has been grateful for starting a celebration here, I’ve never actually given them money.

I want this year to change.

On April 27th, I’m officially launching a crowdfunding campaign – you can give money and get swag from the official Loving Day store. The money will also help make the celebration better for everyone who attends – I’d like to offer free food and desserts for the first 10 people who arrive.

The desserts will be provided in a nearby park by Magic City Sweet Ice. The owners are an interracial couple and last year, they got some unwanted attention when an anonymous bigoted letter was sent to their business. Now I’d like to celebrate their business in a positive way!

If I meet my $2,000 fundraising goal on Generosity.com, I can recoup shipping costs for the Loving Day items. If I exceed it – that means more food, swag and LovingDay.org support!

$10 – “Liking” Level: For being so awesome, I will give you a personal mention on Facebook, Twitter and any documentation or advertisements used for sponsors.

$20 – “Caring” Level: You get the “Liking” thank-you as well as an official Loving Day pin.

$40 – “Loving Level: All of the previous level benefits, plus an official Loving Day mousepad!

$60 – “Adoring” Level: All of the awesomeness above plus either an official Loving Day t-shirt or baby onesie

More information: Williesha C. Morris – willieshac@hotmail.com


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