#Couchto9K: How to Go Viral and Stay Active

30 Jan


So, I was trying to figure out a way to talk about how I went from simply writing about life and its injustices to actually doing something about it.

#Couchto9K isn’t just a cute reference to my fast track from writer to protester to advocate to politician (#Morris2018?).

It’s also to show how that kind of anger can lead to something cool: getting 9,500 likes and 1,500 shares on Facebook for a blog post.

Like most people who are self-esteem challenged, the idea of getting a few likes on a witty post is like a breath of fresh air.

“Yay, what I say matters! My life is now validated for the next 24 hours.”

I had been meaning to discuss my experience at Planned Parenthood as soon as it happened five years ago. I thought it was a perfect time to do it now and throw my support towards an organization that’s getting a lot of flack right now.

I submitted the pitch to a paid publication first. (Always do this!) When it was rejected, I posted it here on my blog, made a few changes and posted it on Huffington Post, and now here we are.

Here’s the reality: :There’s no book deal. No celebrity endorsements. I didn’t get any sort of financial gain from writing this.

But not long after that, I went to a Democratic fundraiser, joined a “Nasty Woman” group and endured 24+ hours on a bus to March in Washington.

Then I went to two meetings in the same day looking at local legislation and throwing my support to a state representative whose ideals I love.

Nothing else in life mattered but being part of the resistance.

So what worked? How did the post get noticed by HP’s blogging team and end up being featured on Facebook?

Probably my eye-popping headline and a relatable story for a currently divisive issue to back it up. (No clickbait here!)

I continued to do some more writing and thinking and posting on Facebook (much to the chagrin of my conservative friends). I’ve looked at running for office and have joined a couple of programs dedicated to it.

And I nearly lost my mind.

The inconvenient truth is that doing all of this requires a lot of mental and physical energy. Today, I watched videos on how to be kind and how to disagree (Thanks, Kid President!) and realized I had failed in these instructions.

I’ve angered people, had family members put a ban on political talk and I’ve stopped taking caring of myself on a consistent basis.

I recently posted something “normal” on Facebook about my day. It was short, positive and has only received 2 likes LOL.

So I’m taking a step back and looking at self-care (including renewing my search for writing clients), my family and stop being so angry. (But still stay active.)

What are you doing to fight, resist and stay sane?


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